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HADO events is currently offering exclusive hire to businesses interested in team building and anyone thinking about including the HADO gaming experience at an event.


The HADO sports court and the technology are completely mobile offering the opportunity to set up events at off-site locations.


If you are thinking about including a fun and competitive activity that's on the cutting edge of technology please fill out the form below and the HADO events team will get back to you as soon as possible.

The range of corporate team building activities currently on offer is looking rather tired and 'same-old'. It's difficult for a workforce to get truly enthusiastic about yet another Scavenger hunt, Escape room, paintball, laser-tag session or three-legged race. The corporate team building sector is in desperate need of a shot in the arm to get everyone on your workforce excited and fully engaged again. We have the answer.


A workforce will not benefit from a team-building session if they are not enjoying the activity that you're providing; this in mind we established a brief for ourselves that the activity had to be fun, original and inclusive. It would also be a bonus to incorporate elements of the latest in cutting-edge technology currently available.


A hot topic at the moment with tech giants is the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in both business and education. What if we could combine this with team building as the main objective?


In our search for an activity which is fun, original, inclusive and utilises modern technology there was really only one option to go with. After trying out different activities that could be adapted for team-building sessions, we shortlisted a few before deciding on HADO.


A fun, original, high-tech 'game', suitable for all ages and abilities that blends the revolutionary use of AR combined with a competitive team game element that gets the pulse racing and is also brilliant fun.



What is HADO?


HADO is a new revolution in Augmented Reality (AR) technology combined with motion sensor, smartphone, and traditional team sports to create an exciting new genre dubbed Technosports.


It gives players the ability to generate an energy-ball out of thin air and launch it across a field of play in a totally immersive digital world against another player, or in cooperation against an augmented reality 'monster'.


The primary focus is to get everyone active in this alternative lifestyle sport that promotes social bonding by bringing it to the next level. HADO AR Techno Sport exergaming with the AR Dodgeball PvP is exactly the one where people from all ages can come together, move around to shoot fireballs at each other, workout and have fun at the same time!


Players have the option to play solo or engage in a multiplayer mode made up of two teams of two or three players going head to head using their hands to shoot 'energy-balls' at each other and also activate shields to defend against attacks as well as physically moving about to avoid projectiles. The winning team scores the most points within a time period.


Equipment used for HADO is portable and consists of a wireless head-mounted display, (lightweight goggles) and a wrist motion sensor allowing players to express a range of movements in order to deploy super-powered energy blasts at opponents, whilst avoiding attacks themselves. Success in this sport depends upon a mix of agility and strategy which makes it ideal for a team-building activity or even as an incentive for work performance.


If you want to break free of the usual run-of-the-mill team-building activities and want something new, exciting and super-high-tech that will stimulate your workforce, strengthen bonds and encourage cohesion in the ranks and is at the same time awesome fun.


Your workforce deserves better.

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